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Who's Who

Pembrokeshire Association of Community Transport Organisations is a registered charity, and is governed by a board of Trustees.

The 2023/24 Trustees are:

Chair: Caroline Wilson

Vice Chair: Emma Bingham

Treasurer: Michelle Harries

Executive Committee:
  • Tina Norman
  • Kathryn Bradbury
  • Mark Harvey
  • Andrew Rees (currently unavailable)


PACTO General Manager: Ady Poole ady@pacto.org.uk

Training Coordinator: Craig Morgan craig@pacto.org.uk

Transformation Project Manager: Wyndham Williams wyndham@pacto.org.uk

Transport Connector: Ruby Woods ruby@pacto.org.uk

Transport Connector: Jo Hicks jo@pacto.org.uk

Accessible Vehicle Coordinator: Damian Golden damian@pacto.org.uk

Development Officer: Jemma Sinclair jemma@pacto.org.uk

Liftsharing Coordinator: Toni Dorkings toni@pacto.org.uk

Transport Connector: Alison Morgan alison@pacto.org.uk

Media & Marketing Officer: Tom Pritchard tom@pacto.org.uk

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Current Volunteering Opportunities