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Pembrokeshire Voluntary Transport

Pembrokeshire Voluntary Transport (PVT) helps people who have difficulty with transport due to their age, disability, personal situation or because they live in an isolated rural area with limited public transport. Find out more about PVT at https://www.pembrokeshirevoluntarytransport.org.uk/

Pembrokeshire Voluntary Transport Minibus

PVT has a small fleet of 4 wheelchair accessible minibuses, and three wheelchair accessible cars, which are available for the use of non-profit organisations and individuals.

You need to be a member of PVT to use our buses. To join, please call Katy on: 07494 275 538 or email bookings@pembrokeshirevoluntarytransport.org.uk  .


PVT also runs several dial-a-ride services, including Fflecsi Pembrokeshire,


Organisations are encouraged to provide their own driver. Anyone wishing to drive a PVT minibus must undertake the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS).

PVT has a small band of volunteers who are willing to drive on behalf of other organisations. As their availability is limited, if you would like us to provide a driver for you, please try to book well in advance and be willing to be flexible about the time or day of your trip.

We are always pleased to hear from new volunteer drivers for our minibuses and accessible cars, and from non-driving volunteers. If you have a little time to spare and would like to join our team, please call 07494 275 538 or email bookings@pembrokeshirevoluntarytransport.org.uk  .




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