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Welcome back on-board Pembrokeshire’s Community Transport services

The Bloomfield Bus has been fitted with a special driver screen Specialist misting equipment in use on the Green Dragon bus The Fflecsi Bus is ready to welcome passengers throughout Northwest Pembrokeshire

Community Transport services are ready to welcome passengers back safely to services across Pembrokeshire, as COVID lockdown and travel restrictions are lifted over the coming weeks.

Grants totalling £38,000 from Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services1 and the Welsh Government2 have provided PPE for staff and volunteer drivers, specialist misting equipment so that vehicles can be cleaned quickly and effectively between services, and funding to enhance dial-a-ride services to meet passenger needs while social distancing requirements continue.

Debbie Johnson from Pembrokeshire Association of Community Transport Organisations (PACTO)said “If you are nervous about getting out and about again after lockdown, Pembrokeshire’s community transport services are here to support you. We have extra COVID safety measures in place, carry small numbers of passengers with social distancing in place, and will guarantee your seat for your journey out and back”.

Services include door-to-door Town Rider services in all Pembrokeshire’s main towns and Cardigan, operated by Preseli Green Dragon, as well as flexible rural dial-a-ride services in the areas around Narberth (the Bloomfield bus), the Preseli Hills (Green Dragon) and the new Fflecsi service which operates throughout Northwest Pembrokeshire and the St Davids Peninsular (Pembrokeshire Voluntary Transport).

The Pembrokeshire County Cars service, run by Royal Voluntary Service volunteers, continues to help people with essential shopping journeys, and journeys to medical appointments, as they have done throughout the pandemic.

PACTO’s Bus Buddies can provide extra support and advice to anyone who needs help to travel by public or community transport, or who is anxious about getting out-and-about again.

Mrs McCanch, one of Green Dragon’s passengers, said “It is great to be able to get out once again and choose my own shopping instead of relying on volunteers and family (not that they aren't good but you know what I mean)! It's a chance to remember what 'normal' was like. I wouldn't be without the community bus, thank you to everyone.”

For more information about all these services please visit www.pacto.org.uk, email busbuddies@pacto.org.uk or call 01437 770119.


Notes for Editors

  1. Funding from Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services’ Supporting Community Action Fund.
  2. Welsh Government funding was provided through the Voluntary Services Recovery Fund coordinated by Wales Council for Voluntary Action


Picture Captions:

  1. All aboard the Bloomfield Bus which has been fitted with a specially designed driver screen
  2. Specialist misting equipment in use to sanitise a Green Dragon community minibus between services.
  3. The Fflecsi service is ready to help you travel safely around Northwest Pembrokeshire



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