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Pembrokeshire Intermediate Voluntary Organisations Team

Voluntary Organisations in Pembrokeshire working together preventing inappropriate hospital admissions and reducing support required from statutory agencies.

Voluntary Partners

The PIVOT partners have many years of experience providing support that builds confidence and self esteem to enable people to live independently within their own homes. PIVOT provides home-based low level support for up to six weeks for people who:

  • Are at risk of admission to hospital for non medical reasons and either have no means of transport to get home and/or no family or friends to support them on their return home.

  • Would benefit from low level prevention and reablement support.

Who can refer?

We welcome referrals from health and social care staff, GP surgeries and other third sector organisations, such as voluntary sector brokers. Ring: 07969 881 985 7 days a week from 9 am to 10 pm (8pm last request for transport).



PIVOT will work in partnership to develop a person-centred action plan to achieve agreed outcomes that will make a real difference. This includes Safe and Well initiatives such as:

  • Transport and settling at home for people at risk of hospital admission because they have no means of getting home. (This does not include personal care).

  • signposting and referrals to appropriate agencies to access additional help and support including other third sector, health and statutory services.

  • Access to a rapid response service for small adaptations within the home and home safety checks.




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